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We specialise in providing a wide range of businesses with expert online marketing and SEO. We understand that the world of online marketing is forever changing so we now operate in a way that we believe is refreshingly different compared to other firms. We have no contracts, no minimum terms and we give our clients the option to work with us on a set monthly fee OR to only purchase the specific services they require.

Whether you are a sole trader running a small business or in charge of a large organisation we can offer the right SEO and online marketing package for you. We offer free initial advice meaning that we will take a look at your website and or general online presence with no pressure or obligation to become a client.

We are based in Liverpool in the North West of England however we deal with clients nationwide and have worked with companies in America, Australia and throughout Europe.

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About Our SEO Service

Whether you are a SME or large corporation, the key to success is growing your online presence and attracting more visitors. For this, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is vital. It can get you to the top of the big search engines such as Google and boost your reputation, increase traffic to your site and improve conversions.

Combined with other marketing approaches, such as social media and online advertising, SEO can ensure you get potential customers visiting your website regularly and in large numbers. But you need to get it right.


What is SEO?

People tend to start off looking for a product or service by going on sites like Google – in fact there are over 3 billion searches made every day around the world. When people get their results, they normally choose links on the first page that appears. The lower down these rankings your business shows up, the less likely you are to get traffic.
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Online Marketing


Copywriting that Brings Customers to Your Front Door

Great at running a business but no good at writing? Simply don’t have the time to make sure your content is pressing all the right buttons with consumers? Want an experienced copywriting team who deliver all the time on time? Good copywriting is a rare skill. When you find good writers then you want to hold onto them.

At Search Online Marketing we bring high quality copywriting to every aspect of your online content, all at a price that won’t burn a hole in your marketing budget.


Powerful Remarketing 

Conversion rates for people who visit your website, those who actually become customers or clients, is around 2% for most sites. That means, out of 100 people who come to your pages, 98 will leave without taking any action. That’s a lot of potential customers falling through the net.

What if you could convince them to come back and buy something or hire your service? After all, you know they’re interested


Conversion Rate Optimisation

In an ideal world, you’d like everyone who visits your website to become a customer. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Only a small percentage actually click that buy button or decide to hire your services. The options for dealing with this, and increasing conversions is a) to boost the traffic coming to your site and b) to improve the chances of conversion when people visit. There are a number of ways to improve conversion rates and you need to have them all in place if you are going to succeed.


Press Releases that Get Noticed

Newspapers and online news outlets get thousands of press releases every week. The major papers get that many every day. If you want your press release noticed amongst all this competition, you have to stand out. Writing press releases is not the same as blog posting or producing content for your main web pages. It’s a highly specialised and disciplined area of copywriting.


Website Design

A custom built website that works for your business. A web design solution that delivers more customers to your door. It’s the first thing most people will see when they take a look at your business. Website design is one of the most important parts of the marketing mix. Sadly, it’s one area many businesses pay only cursory attention to.

Get it right, choose the right design and you can boost your visibility online, attract more customers and develop a strong brand that impacts on visitors. Get it wrong and you may be unwittingly reducing your chance of attracting new customers and damaging your ranking on important search engines.

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Social Media

Raise brand awareness and increase website traffic for your business with proven social media strategies that deliver time and again. At Search Online Marketing we know the power of engaging with fans and followers. It’s one of the most potent tools in the marketing armoury of any business.

All you need to know is how to release that brilliant social media potential and get it to work for you. Many businesses that come to us have an ad hoc approach to social media. They know it’s a useful thing but they’re not quite sure how to utilise it to their best advantage. Sometimes they’re stretching themselves too thin on too many platforms, other times they post too infrequently to make much of a difference.

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Kate Oakes

The SEO training has proved really useful for our company.  The training itself was very comprehensible and the materials that were given out at the training make implementing SEO step by step, very easy. I would highly recommend it to any organisation.

Adam Leavesley

Having wanted to re-develop our website for a while, I contacted Search Online Marketing to help us with this. From the start of the process through to the end they been fantastic to work with, providing me with ideas for our new website, whilst also implementing the content that we wanted. The new website that they have produced for us is fantastic and is exactly what we wanted. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough

Lauren Wood – Hope Centre

I really enjoyed attending Search Online Marketing’s workshops, I found them very useful to my job role and easy to understand. The trainer himself was really helpful and even helped me out through email after I attended the workshop. I look forward to attending more of these workshops in the future, thank you for all the help!