You have a website that looks fantastic, a strong SEO and advertising strategy that is bringing in good levels of traffic, but next to no sales or enquiries – sound familiar?

Converting visitors into customers is a common problem. Here are our top 7 tips to give you the best possible chance to turn that click into a customer.

  1. Build trust. You need to show visitors that you’re a real business and make them confident that you will satisfy their need, whether that is with a product or a service. Building trust can be done effectively by having customer testimonials on your website. Customer testimonials can range from saying how beneficial a product was, right through to how quickly it was delivered and or the customer service they received.
  2. Make it clear and simple for a visitor to convert. If you run an ecommerce store make sure the checkout process is clear, simple and quick to complete. If you run a service business and want a visitor to complete a contact form don’t try to get across too many messages at once. Make it extremely clear where the contact form is located and ensure it can be completed quickly and easily. The more fields a visitor needs to complete the less likely they will be to get in touch.
  3. Test your ‘call to action’ text. If phrases like ‘Contact Us’ aren’t resulting in enquiries, trial something new such as “Get In Touch”, “Say Hello”, “Got A Question?”, “Free Quote Available Here” etc.
  4. Have images of yourself and your team throughout the website. Many people like to see who they are buying from or doing business with.
  5. Tell visitors about yourself. A good ‘About Us’ page is well worth the investment in time. Tell your visitors about your business, how it started, why you’re passionate about it as well as about yourself and your team members. If you use Google Analytics we’re confident that you’ll be surprised at how many visitors read the ‘About Us’ page before moving onto the ‘Contact’ page.
  6. Exit Intent. Give visitors that last chance to get in touch before clicking off your site. There are many packages available offering an exit intent service. It works by giving a visitor who is about to leave your site an option to get in touch. Using text such as “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch by clicking here” for example.
  7. Most visitors won’t convert into customers on the first visit, using remarketing allows you to (in a way) keep in touch with them. Using Google Remarketing can be extremely affordable and push your brand towards potential customers who have already been on your site once and offer them an incentive to come back to become a customer.

These are some of our favourite conversion tactics but there are of course a lot more! If you’d like to add to this list with your favourite conversion tactic get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!