• No technical knowledge is required. Members of staff will be able to add new blogs, make alterations to any page of the website, upload images and more. You will have complete control of the site meaning no more waiting for website developers to complete tasks and leave you with a hefty invoice.
  • You can provide as many members of staff with access as you like and give them different access levels depending on their job role.
  • WordPress is open source software which is regularly updated to ensure everything runs smoothly. Many website developers will sing the praises of having your own content management system custom made for your business, but the software can quickly become outdated meaning the functionality of the site can suffer. It’s likely to be expensive to update as it will require a specialist coder to make the necessary updates.
  • WordPress plugins will allow your company to add complex business features free of charge. By using WordPress you will be able to enjoy plugins such as SEO Yoast, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Website Speed Improvements and a great deal more, completely free of charge. These plugins will provide you with a wealth of benefits and information about how your site is gaining visitors, where they come from, how long they stayed/what they viewed as well as how the site is performing on search engines and how this can be improved.
  • WordPress will allow your business to simply and immediately add your own unique meta descriptions and page titles for every page and blog on the site. It will also grade each page/post as to how well it is likely to perform on search engines. Being search engine friendly and having the ability to optimise every page and post on your company website is going to drastically increase the websites exposure on search engines and the traffic coming to the site over the coming months.
  • WordPress is open source and free from commercial restrictions and limitations. That means you can use the software any way you choose and host your website anywhere you choose. All without fear that changes in someone else’s business model will have an adverse impact one of your most important business assets.
  • Most importantly, WordPress just keeps getting better. WordPress has been around for over ten years and has developed and improved year on year. As technology and how Internet users surf the web changes over the years you can be sure that WordPress will adapt and keep you on the cutting edge without the costs that would be association with a custom-made content management system.

If you have any questions about any of the above points or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.