There is an ever-growing list of available WordPress plugins that can offer all sorts of useful and time saving features. Unfortunately, there are a number of plugins that can have a negative effect on your website, leave it susceptible to hackers and or conflict with other software currently running on your admin area.

We have decided to save you all a bit of time and effort by compiling our top WordPress plugins for SEO that are completely free.

  1. SEO By Yoast – This truly is the ultimate plugin for anyone planning on gaining any success with optimising their website for search engines. SEO By Yoast will create a sitemap for you with the click of a button and provide an easy to understand area on every page and post allowing you to add a title and meta description. The Yoast plugin will then ‘score’ your webpage based on what keyword you want that page to rank for. If you only install one plugin on your WordPress site, this is the one you should choose.
  2. Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights – Putting time and effort into Yoast is well worth it; this plugin allows you to quickly monitor your results. A great tool that will show you how much traffic your site has been receiving, what the top performing pages are and what countries traffic is coming from. This information is available when logging into Google Analytics but having it in your WordPress admin area as well allows you to quickly see how your site is performing each time you login.
  3. Contact Form 7 – Adding a quick and simple way for your website visitors to make contact with you can skyrocket leads and conversions. Most visitors won’t pick up the phone or copy and paste your email address into their browser to send an email. By implementing Contact Form 7 you give visitors the option of making contact in around 30 seconds without having to leave your website.
  4. W3 Total Cache – Nobody likes to visit a website that loads slowly; it can reduce engagement on your site and many believe that site speed is now a significant ranking factor on Google organic search. By installing W3 Total Cache your website can quickly have its speed improved with no technical knowledge or skills required. Although it isn’t the total solution to a website that performs slowly, it will make considerable improvements.
  5. Tracking Code Manager – There are so many snippets of code that your WordPress website will need if you’re going to take advantage of incredible tools and features such as remarketing, Goole Search Console/Webmaster Tools, the Facebook Pixel, Analytics and more. The tracking code manager allows admins to quickly add code to the relevant posts and or pages on their site which can save considerable time and headaches in having to go in, manually entering code in the correct place on each individual page and post.

We hope you find these plugins useful if you aren’t already using them. Although there are many more incredible WordPress plugins out there we decided that these were our top 5 based on how frequently we use them and the results they have helped us achieve for a wide range of clients. If you have any questions about WordPress plugins or would like to get in touch about your site please complete the form on the right hand side or visit the Contact Us page.