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Design is important. It can be the first time that a potential customer comes into contact with your business, if your branding is weak, it can change a potential customer to a missed opportunity.

At Search Online Marketing we help a wide range of businesses project the best possible image. Our team of graphic designers can help you make a winning first impression, whether that is through your company logo, social media channels, a display network advert or the more traditional physical flyer.

With logo design starting at just £100 and graphic design artwork at £25 we offer an affordable, tailored solution that will meet the needs of your business, whatever its size.

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Our Design Services:

Logo design artwork

We have designed logos for a wide range of businesses including law firms, international hauliers and online retailers. Our lead graphic designer Mike will get a brief regarding your business and how you would like your logo to appear. He will then go away and come up with 3-4 initial concepts for you to choose from; we will then alter and refine until you are truly happy with your new logo.

Poster Design artwork

The traditional print methods of advertising remain a great, cost effective way of putting your brand in front of your target audience. Our designers will work hard to ensure that your business looks fantastic.

Google Display Network advertising artwork

One of the latest methods of PPC advertising that is an extremely cost effective way of getting your brand in front of a targeted audience. Our designers have created Google friendly display network advertising banners for over two years and they have received literally millions of impressions combined.

Landing Page design

Whether you are running an advertising campaign or want to create a page on your website specifically for lead generation; a well designed landing page can be the perfect way to optimise your site for conversions. The beauty of working with Search Online Marketing is that we are also a highly experienced online marketing company so we can also provide advice regarding how to make your landing page as strong as possible and leave our design team to make it look fantastic!

Social Media Channel Artwork

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, the list goes on. Whatever line of business you are in, you are likely to have at least one social media channel. Our team of graphic designers can create artwork for your social media channels that meets the size specifications of Facebook, Twitter and any others you choose, meaning you’ll have no more cropped banners or profile pictures!

Infographic design

A great infographic can help your business source new backlinks and provide something useful or interesting to your social media followers and website visitors.



Kate Oakes

The SEO training has proved really useful for our company.  The training itself was very comprehensible and the materials that were given out at the training make implementing SEO step by step, very easy. I would highly recommend it to any organisation.

Adam Leavesley

Having wanted to re-develop our website for a while, I contacted Search Online Marketing to help us with this. From the start of the process through to the end they been fantastic to work with, providing me with ideas for our new website, whilst also implementing the content that we wanted. The new website that they have produced for us is fantastic and is exactly what we wanted. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough

Lauren Wood – Hope Centre

I really enjoyed attending Search Online Marketing’s workshops, I found them very useful to my job role and easy to understand. The trainer himself was really helpful and even helped me out through email after I attended the workshop. I look forward to attending more of these workshops in the future, thank you for all the help!