Competition is fierce within the legal sector. With firms of all shapes and sizes taking part in significant advertising drives it can be a challenge for many companies to gain a presence online. At Search Online Marketing we have a wealth of experience working with a number of legal firms in providing significant exposure to their target audience.

SEO For Solicitors

With the Yellow Pages being a thing of the past it’s now of crucial importance for law firms to have a presence on the major search engines, namely Google. We only adopt ‘white hat’ (ethical) SEO strategies and work hard for our clients in making their site the best it can possibly be. Our methods include both on and off site tactics including:

  • Page optimisation: including meta tags, page titles, descriptions, alt tags and permalinks.
  • Site structure and site map work.
  • Site speed optimisation.
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Keyword research and implementation.
  • Internal and external link building.

Google Places Optimisation for Law Firms

Due to fairly recent changes, local search is of high importance, particularly if your law firm targets a specific geographic area. Google Places now displays the 3 most relevant/most highly optimised businesses ABOVE organic search traffic.

We have significant experience in optimising Google Business/Places listings to allow our clients to reap the rewards of a presence at the top of page 1 of Google through local search listings.

Pay Per Click Advertising for Solicitors

No matter how good your website is, or what budget you put into SEO, it will never gain a full market share of search traffic. For this reason it can be highly beneficial to make use of Pay Per Click Advertising, primarily through Google Adwords. We have managed PPC spends of many thousands of pounds and have gained significant insight and knowledge that allows us to minimise spend whilst maximising exposure.

Pay Per Click allows legal firms to have a presence on page 1 of search engine results which is tightly targeted. We can ensure your ads only show for people conducting appropriate searches and that they are within your geographic area.

Remarketing Campaigns for Law Firms

How many of your website visitors pick up the phone or send you an email? It’s estimated that fewer than 1% of visitors actually make some form of contact, yet these people are on your site finding out more about what you offer, so logically they are interested in your service, it just may not be the right time for them to get in touch.

With remarketing your firm is able to promote its services to past visitors and remind them of what you offer. Of course not everyone will click remarketing advertisements, but those who do, tend to be highly quality visitors, as they have already visited the website once.

Blog Writing for Solicitors

Think blogging is a waste of time? Or that it doesn’t work? Well you’re reading our blog and (hopefully!) you’re our target audience!

Our team of professional, experienced writers create engaging, interesting copy that will keep visitors on your site and potentially returning for more.

At Search Online Marketing we place time and effort into finding what your target audience is searching for/asking questions about and we then create high quality content that answers their questions. The result of this can often be significant ranking on search engine results. We have placed numerous companies from law firms through to nationwide construction companies at the very top of Google for some highly competitive searches through using this method.

Social Media Management & Social Media Lead Generation for Solicitors

Just about every business is now embracing the powers of social media. Whilst it may not bring clients knocking on your door everyday it does provide a key part of the 21st century marketing mix. Having a social media presence across the most popular channels such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can provide powerful backlinks and offer social proof to individuals looking to find out more about your firm before getting in touch.

Making contact with a legal firm can be daunting for many people. Having a friendly and approachable social media channel can break down this barrier and increase your law firms enquiry levels.

Social Media lead generation is still a relatively new part of online marketing but it has made significant advances in recent months and years. Our chosen method is Facebook as it has incredibly powerful targeting methods. Our clients are able to choose who their advertisement is put in front of, right down to their postcode and job title! What other form of advertising allows you such a significant drill down to your ideal potential client?

Want to Find Out More?

We understand that there are countless SEO companies out there, many of whom probably call you a few times a week promising the Earth. At Search Online Marketing we undertake NO proactive sales tactics other than content creation; the vast majority of our work is repeat and through referrals.

If you would like to find out how we may be able to improve your law firms presence online then we would love to hear from you. We will be happy to run an audit of your website with absolutely no obligation to take things further. What’s more, we understand that not everyone knows their Alt tags from their meta descriptions so we speak in plain English! If there’s ever something technical we explain it in clear and simple terms; we don’t baffle our clients with technical jargon.

Get in touch by phone or email and we’ll be happy to meet face to face or speak over the phone.

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