Driving traffic to your website can require considerable effort and expense, whether this is through the use of SEO, Pay Per Click advertising or offline methods. Bringing people to your businesses website is only have the job, if your site suffers from a high bounce rate then the investment made on promoting your website can be largely wasted.

There are many reasons for websites suffering a high bounce rate (visitors leaving on the same page that they landed on, meaning they haven’t engaged with the website). In our experience a website that is visually unappealing and text heavy tend to have particularly poor levels of engagement. Integrating a short explainer video within your website has been shown to reduce bounce rates by up to 80%, now we’ll take a look at some more advantages for having a video on your website:

  • A presence on huge platforms including YouTube and Vimeo. With YouTube now seen as the #2 search engine in the world it is becoming increasingly important to give your business a presence on this huge platform to get in front of its audience.
  • Get your message across quickly. People have shorter attention spans than they used to; no matter how interesting you think your content is if you’re trying to get a lot of information across to your visitors it can have a negative effect. Using a video allows you to get a significant amount of information over; we usually produce 60 second videos with approximately 100 words of content with a professional voiceover artist. We all now how much easier it is to ‘press play’ compared to reading a few paragraphs of content.
  • Stand out from your competition. We have created some great videos for businesses in industries that do not usually make use of explainer videos. If you’re working in an industry that does things a bit more ‘traditionally’ it may be a good idea to use a video to differentiate yourselves.
  • Stay in visitors memory. If your content is dull it’s likely to be forgotten, if it’s read at all. If you have a bit of a quirky video it’s far more likely to stay in the memories of your website visitors.
  • Use a video to make visitors take action. Whether you want viewers to note your contact number, email address or take a specific action then you are far more likely to get results through video. Actually telling your websites visitors what to do makes it far easier than them having to figure out what to do themselves from reading your content.

If you are interested in adding a video to your website, or just to include it as part of your marketing mix, why not get in touch. At prices starting from just £150 it is an incredibly affordable service for any business. Take a look at our video marketing page to see some of our most recent releases.